The last post. This has been interesting. It’s been good to get something down and contribute to the internet everyday. I can’t say my insights were very interesting, but that was never the plan. It was about exploring small details and seeing what happens if I make myself write day after day.

I have a few more days before school starts, but since I’m about to board my plane, this will be it. I don’t want to even attempt trying to write about stuff I’m doing everyday during the school season.

Hoepfully jackwallner.com will get additional content in some form of another. I could get behind doing some small post every Sunday or something. That would probably be better all around. I’ll leave that for a later date.

I’m mildly concerned about my 8 hours of class on Monday. That just seems like it’ll be brutal. Hopefully my 4 classes don’t take up the entirety of their 2 hours, especially on the first day. I wonder if I’ll feel any sort of pull towards writing about it since I’ve grown accustomed to writing about something and I’ll finally have a ton to talk about. Even so, the pull won’t be enough to actually amount to anything.

Overall it was a fantastic, restorative break. I wish I could cut it a week shorter and then just have days off during the rest of the school year, but can’t have it all. Better to be too long than too short!

And one last time…

Good luck and God bless!

Jack Wallner

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