It’s always fascinating to me how short term my Mariners’ memory is. I guess that’s all their marketing team has to work with. They’re always garbage, yet I’m always interested. Since there isn’t a hockey or basketball team in Seattle, we’re officially in full offseason mode. The UW basketball team used to be competitive, but college basketball is hard to watch because any decent player declares for the draft as soon as they’re good.

The best part about the Mariners season is probably the offseason. Usually there’s the same amount of hype that this could be the year they secure the second wild card spot. That’s how low the bar is. Most teams see that as worth tearing down the roster, but the Mariners are just trying to break into any semblance of a playoff spot. Especially now that they have the biggest playoff drought of any of the major four sports.

It’s also interesting to see who goes on the Mariners’ Caravan thing they do. Basically they mainly visit Eastern Washington towns that support the Mariners but don’t have the opportunity to witness their mediocrity. They end up getting fringe guys to represent the team, but I’m guessing the fans don’t care that much. They probably don’t even follow the team enough to know they’re fringe guys. It just seems odd to get a guy in the offseason and then before he plays for the team he’s out touring the state.

Despite all that, I’ll still be glad to see baseball return. Mainly because there’s no other option, but glad nonetheless. If they get a decent start of the season and stay competitive through July, that’s a huge win. In my world, the season usually ends around mid August. There’s the trade deadline at the end of July, which usually gives an additional player to watch for 10 days before they fall out of the race.

At some point they’ll make the playoffs again, but they’re going to end up paying so much for money for an old Robinson Cano. Felix Hernandez salary is also brutal. He’s spent the last few years making some offseason adjustment that is supposed to turn him back into a quality pitcher, but that hasn’t happened. Jerry Dipoto is notorious for making a ton of trades, but that hasn’t gotten very far and no one is going to put up with Cano’s salary. For a team like the Mariners, they’re going to need to get lucky and stay extra healthy.

Unlike last year.

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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