I found a deal online that is a free $200 course for learning about Swift and iOS 11 development. It’s one of those that I can’t pass up taking advantage of, but at the same time there’s like a 99% I never get around to using it. It’s good to be self aware, but there’s something to be said for self ignorance.

If this course had the free deal at the beginning of a break it’d be easier to make myself some sort of schedule to stick to. Now that I’m near the end of break, I’m more in the “might as well rest” camp because I know my schedule will be pretty heavy getting back to school.

I did some Lil Pump research today and boy is that kid something else. It’s pretty incredible what he’s been able to do as a 17 year old. I can’t imagine having all that pressure to perform as a kid like that. Even as a 20 year old that seems crazy. Luckilly his schtick is being purposefully ignorant and he capitalizes on messing around, so it doesn’t really matter what he does as long as he keeps posting to Instagram.

I read that the legendary song Gucci Gang is the shortest song to hit the top 10 since 1975. I think there’s something to be said for short songs, especially songs like Gucci Gang that don’t need to be much longer than 2 minutes.

I finished Season 4 of Black Mirror. Overall really good. It was a pretty typical Black Mirror season where half the episodes are exceptional and the other half are decent. I wish they produced more episodes per season. I can understand why as there’s no continuation with the episodes in the season and each episode is usually at least an hour. Also it’s mostly British and it’s not boring so it breaks the “Boring British” mold I described earlier.

I’m not sure what to start watching next. I need to get into Game Of Thrones eventually, but that seems like such an undertaking. I really should finish out Walking Dead, I never got around to the last half of the season.

Decisions, decisions!

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner


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