Ah, the fresh start of a new year. I wonder where I’ll be at the end of this year. If my cryptocurrency gains continue like they did in the month of December it’ll be hard not to be happy!

We’re finally into the College Football Playoff, where we get bowl games that lead into something. Can’t wait, both matchups look incredible.

The Seahawks lost yesterday and got knocked out of the playoffs for the first time in quite a few years. It was brutal to see Blair Walsh blow yet another game. It’s truly fascinating seeing how Pete Carroll and John Schneider choose to spend the Salary Cap. We only needed an extra $2 million to keep one of the best kickers in franchise history and a surefire way into the playoffs. Instead we get Eddie Lacy.

Hopefully this doesn’t become the next thing like the offensive line where they keep making excuses for a horrific outcome.

I watched Dave Chappelle’s new specials and they were pretty good. He definitely is able to get away with more mediocre jokes because he’s Dave Chappelle. Something about the way he does his set is just better than most other comics. It’s him, Bill Burr, and John Mulaney that I think are on the top tier of comedy.

Short post today!

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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