The REQoning happened today. For some reason it jumped from like $0.35 all the way to $0.60, which is incredible. One last treat from 2017!

The NFL put all the games with playoff implications at the 1:00 slot, which makes sense because it’d suck to be gearing up for a game and then be eliminated before you took the field. It really makes the early timeslot games more like a preseason game as the only thing that matters is minor seeding. Which is important of course, except when you’re team isn’t really affected by it.

I think I’ll have the Seahawks game on the TV and the Falcons game on my laptop, that seems like the best way to really watch the Seahawks’ playoff odds. I guess I’d still want the Seahawks to win even if the Falcons won, but it doesn’t carry the same weight.

I decided against New Years Resolutions, which will probably end up being a bad idea. To be honest I’m looking forward to not “having” to do these ~350 word blog posts. The one thing that I want to improve on is going to the gym consistently, but that is just so basic I don’t even want to set a goal like that.

Plus, I’ll know if I performed the way I want to. I guess it’s an informal New Years Resolution.

I wish I could fix my Hydroflask so the straw wouldn’t squeak. I should just order a new top on Amazon because it’s to the point where it’s so loud that it’s not worth carrying in public. Boom, ordered. That’s gonna be a nice upgrade hopefully.

I don’t know why it’s taken until now for me to fix that. I gave it a Elevated Estates facelift by putting a whole sheet of Elevated Estates stickers on it and then I put my business card on it too. Why rep other stickers when you can rep yourself?

It is going to be weird having 8 hours of class on Monday. I’m used to a pretty lackadaisical schedule this break, but at least it’s Monday. I feel like Mondays are always kind of rough so it might as well get as rough as it gets.

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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