Made it back to the gym this morning. Felt good to get a pump in again. Just gotta make it part of my routine and I should be good to go. It’s gonna be rough working out back at school because I’ll look like one of those New Years resolution scrubs. Maybe I’ll work on getting my cardio back on track for January and avoid that.

My school schedule leaves me with a crazy hectic Monday and Wednesday and every other day is really light. So I guess I’ll have to tailor a workout schedule around Monday and Wednesday.

Looking forward to 2018. We’ve got the Winter Olympics, which is always a bonus during February. I’m guessing I’ll tune into some bizarre sport like curling once or twice and then just read the headlines on Reddit.

I’m currently trying to combine my 23andMe data with Geni.com. I have my family tree mapped out pretty well on Geni.com, so I figured it’d be easiest to just upload my raw DNA data there. It’s still currently processing, and I’m not quite sure what more information I’m going to get. 23andMe has a cool DNA relatives page that shows where my relatives are located. Hopefully I figure out the best way to combine the data soon.

I’m looking to finish up Stranger Things Season 2. The first season was worth watching, but didn’t warrant all the hype. Same thing for season 2. I hear there’s a good ending for season 2 so I’m looking forward to that.

I’m waiting for the next season of Black Mirror to come out tomorrow. I’ve just been watching Netflix comedy specials in the meanwhile and anything that isn’t Bill Burr I find myself just turning off. I’m looking forward to the next two Chappelle specials, as well.

The way the college football bowl games are scheduled are weird. After not having a ranked vs ranked matchup for awhile, they scheduled both TCU vs Stanford and Washington State vs Michigan State at the same time. Both those games would be worth watching, but I’ll have to sacrifice the Stanford game to watch WSU.

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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