We’re officially in the holiday period between Christmas in New Years where the decorations stay out, but it feels weird to play Christmas music.

A Foo Fighters cover went viral yesterday with a UK Choir doing a rendition of “Come Alive”. It’s not a very popular song, but it’s recognizable and I thought they did a great job with it. The choir was massive and it had a totally different style than just Dave Grohl’s lone voice. Highly recommended

Foo Fighters Come Alive Cover

I survived watching the movie Darkest Hour. It was pretty much exactly what I expected and suffered from the British Boringness. Winston Churchill was an interesting character to watch, but it was mostly early 1940s British politics which was just a mess. Between the King, Prime Ministers, Parliament, the whole thing was just a disaster and it made a lot of sense why Britain’s army was such garbage in World War 2. The highlight of the movie was supposed to be rescuing the soldiers from Dunkirk, which is just a well executed retreat.

I literally thought my time was better suited trying to sleep than to keep up with the boring nature of this movie. It’s one of those that is really well suited for a high school history class. Any Hollywood movie is a winner in high school and this one does a good job covering Winston Churchill’s perspective.

I never talked about my 23andMe data I got a few days back. It was really interesting! The highlights were that I’m 99.9% European and 0.1% Oceanian, which was neat. I’m also more Neanderthal than 95% of people, which helps me with height and lack of back hair (lol). I also learned I’m predisposed to Late Onset Alzheimer’s, which sucks but out of all the possibilities it’s not so bad and not something I didn’t already know. I’m also predisposed to weighing 10% less than the average at my height. I’m sure I’ll appreciate that more in my later years than I do now.

I also have genetic muscle composition common in elite power athletes, so that’s tight.

Overall I’d highly recommend submitting a 23andMe data sample. I think that they can get all that information from a saliva sample is fascinating. And if you fill out your information on geni.com you can get a pretty neat picture of your family history, which future generations will appreciate if you don’t now.

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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