Yesterday I witnessed my first dog attack. We were out for a nice Christmas walk with Bullitt to the nearby lake. We went onto the dock to get a family picture when a dog a good 50 yards away sprinted towards some ducks in the water. The family that owned that dog seemed mildly concerned, but were not really rushing to stop him once he got in the water.

If they were really concerned then they would’ve jumped in the water or something or try and cut the dog off somehow.

Anyway the dog blew past the ducks and made a beeline towards the dock. At this point I’m thinking he wants to play with Bullitt. There was a mild greeting between the two dogs and then this dog went wild. He went straight for Bullitt’s neck and had him pinned down on the dock. Eventually he was wrestled away from Bullitt, he seemed to have just lost his mind.

The owners eventually made their way over and took control of the dog. Turns out this dog was rescued from a dog fighting facility. Well there’s your problem.

It poses an interesting question about what to do with dogs like that. Obviously its great he was rescued, but he still has the dog killing instinct. That makes him being off leash an awful idea under any circumstance.

Bullitt was fine even though the dog got some good neck bites in. In the end it made me appreciate that everyone made it back from the walk with only mental traumatic damage.

In other news, I returned my Fitbit Alta today. I have to wait for that to be processed into the Fitbit warehouse until they’ll give me another 25% off discount that I can use towards the Charge 2. Kind of a pain, but my fault for thinking that I wouldn’t miss out on the extra amenities of the Charge 2.

We’re about an hour and a half away from seeing the movie Darkest Hour. It revolves around Winston Churchill, who’s a total badass, so I’m looking forward to that. I feel like British pre World War 2 era movies can fall into the trap of being boring, but that’s just a total guess and I’m hoping I’m wrong.

The riveting 2017-2018 Winter Break continues!

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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