Merry Christmas! We went to a bizarre Christmas Eve service last night where the pastor dude wasn’t even there in person. I’m not trying to criticize, but this is one of the biggest days of the year for hardcore Christians specifically and it would’ve been nice to see a real person give the sermon. On the plus side, video man kept it pretty brief and got to the point quickly which was greatly appreciated.

This was my first time visiting this particular church and the televangelist aspect was a turn off. The fact that the people who raise their hands as if to soak up more of the godly spirit were all for the most part in the front of the pews was a plus. It’s the small things. I also felt bad because we came in late and I was definitely blocking the view of the poor lady behind me. I would’ve sat down or something so she could see if that was socially acceptable, but instead I just stood there and tried to act like the music at this church was somehow better than anyother church in the world.

Anyway, we lucked out with a White Christmas, so that’s pretty neat. I drove over to pick up Omie this morning and ended up sliding around in the car which was pretty exciting. Driving in the snow just comes down to going slow and using a car that can handle rougher conditions.

I gave the gift of cryptocurrency again to my family. I gave around $20 of bitcoin four or five years ago and that’s up to $500 now, so everyone was happy to see $30 or so of REQ. Since it’s tripled since I bought in I was happy to share. In order for cryptocurrency to reach it’s potential we need to get people into it that would otherwise have no idea the best way to access it. And the nice part about REQ is that supposedly it will actually be usable in the same way PayPal is, which would be revolutionary. The team behind REQ keeps releasing great updates, so I’m still all for it. I expect it to hit $0.50 in Q1 of 2018 and then hit $1.00 later in the year. Exciting times!

We’re about to go on a nice snowy Christmas walk, so I’ll catch ya on the flipside.

And hey my signing off phrase is finally really applicable!

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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