We’re finally at the point where the bowl games are decent and the football games have legitimate playoff implications!

There’s been some talk in the Seattle media about if it’d be better for the Seahawks to not make the playoffs. I think that’s a fine viewpoint if they were to miss the playoffs, but while they’re still in the hunt it’s pretty silly. Anytime a team can make the playoffs they’re a threat for the Super Bowl and more Seahawks football is always good.

It’s looking like it could be a white Christmas here in Sammamish. That’d be pretty sweet to see and it’s always neat when the weather coincides with the date. More than likely it’ll somehow turn to rain or just flurries and we’re left with a cold, non-white Christmas.

We saw Macklemore last night and despite the horrific performances by the 3 opening acts, he put on a great show. It also made me appreciate the Foo Fighters performance in Fresno, as their level of production is just on another level. Macklemore got hung up in the rafters as Willy Wonka, which was a sight to see.

I think I’m gonna swap out my Fitbit Alta for a Charge 2. I miss having the heart rate more than I thought it would and it’s only $15 more. It also has a bigger screen, which can fit the steps and clock in on one screen, which is a big plus.

Short paragraphs today, no need to overexplain a regular day!

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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