Boy would I like to visit the Bahamas. The weather, the island vibes, the bowl game in December. Sounds like the complete package. I was reading about the bowl game experience and apparently security just doesn’t care about any sort of ridiculous antics and it has such low attendance that everyone feels closer to the game. Unfortunately this year’s Bahamas Bowl was not very competitive, but everyone got a trip to the Bahamas which means everyone wins!

I’m looking forward to seeing Macklemore in concert tonight. I doubt he’ll be able to live up to the Foo Fighters performance, but it’s always fun to see an artist in their hometown. Double fun if the artist’s home town is your hometown. I remember listening to the album The HeistĀ a lot in high school so hopefully there are some good throwback songs.

It’s pretty wild I still have two weeks left of winter break. It’s definitely been restorative. The weather has been pretty nasty, would be nice if we get some snowfall before I return back to SLO. In SLO the seasons don’t really exist the same way they do up north, so it’ll be nice to get some 70s sun again soon.

I’ve been really slacking on going to the gym. I set my alarm for 6:30 everyday, but I end up cancelling the alarm and sleeping another 3 hours before I go to visit Omie. Maybe I’ll have to change my gym routine to go around 1:00 or so when it’s more mid day. That would mean skipping my usual nap, but I think that’s a fair compromise.

I’ve been loving watching Nathan For You recently. I watched a couple episodes years ago and thought it was hilarious, but then for some reason never picked it up again until now. The whole category of cringe comedy is just perfect. It’s the same sort of stuff Kyle Mooney did on his YouTube channel for years. And Kyle also was a writer for Nathan For You, which I’m sure helped add to the cringe.

Bahamas, Macklemore, Weather, Gym, and Cringe. Now that’s a Jack Wallner blog post!

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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