It’s interesting watching mainstream media after consuming information from various Twitter sources and the top of Reddit. I expected it to be more ridiculous than it was. There were some manipulative aspects to it, but overall I felt it did a pretty good job explaining the new tax bill. It’s unfortunate that the news sources are inherently biased, but so is everyone I guess.

One thing that got me thinking is the whole point of social media. A lot of times people just skip through what other people post, but are very proud of what they post. The whole thing is kind of ridiculous and everyone knows it. One thing that is interesting is the recorded history – as someone that has been posting for over 8 years the history is more valuable in theory than it actually is. I’ve never been compelled to go back and look at what I posted during interesting time periods.

The farther we get away from periods of time the more like “history” it becomes, which I guess will make things more interesting in the future. The other problem that I run into is my young age when posting makes a lot of my points less valuable, because I wasn’t nearly as educated or cultured. I’m still not as educated as I will be in the future, but I think I have a good grip on American culture now. World culture, not so much.

Once I graduate college I definitely think I’ll want to explore Europe for awhile. Study abroad was something that I was interested in, but didn’t work out with my schedule. I think it’d be awesome to dive deeper into places that I’ve visited before. I really think it’s important to explore opportunites at a young age before I get locked into a work cycle.

I’m looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars movie today. I’ve always loved the Star Wars series and I think it’s one of the neat parts about American culture. The people that dislike the prequels probably are trying equate them to the original series, but I grew up with the release of the prequels so it’s different I guess.

That’s all I get for today!

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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