Seahawks lost. Badly.  Was a pretty rough scene to see your team get destroyed in all phases of the game. It was over at half time so that made it more bearable because it was clear they didn’t have a chance.

The Patriots game against the Steelers came down to a beautiful dramatic finish. Throwing slants against the Patriots secondary is not a good idea. You’d think Big Ben would’ve picked up on that and tried to run a different type of play. Everybody makes mistakes though.

I’m more excited about REQ than I was yesterday. They released their Colossus update, which makes REQ actually usable in some cases. More work will come in 2018, but it’s exciting to follow a team that is hitting their goals quite beautifully.

Another thing that happened this morning was the derailment of a train in Pierce County. Very grim scene. Train derailments aren’t something we expect to hear about in the daily news because trains are seen as reliably old school. My sister was on that train a few days ago. I’ve ridden a train plenty of time going from San Luis Obispo to San Diego and I’ve never had a problem. Thoughts and prayers are with those that are affected.

In other news I need to go back to the library and find some fiction books to read. These nonfiction books are so dense that they’re just mind numbing. Especially when I feel like I already have the jist of the book by reading the cover.

To summarize the book Rest: leisure time is important just like work time is important and you need to find the proper balance of each to be sustainably successful. The remainder of the book went into detail about how specific people tailored their life around strategic rest, which was sort’ve interested but very dry.

Hopefully I find a new book today that catches my attention.

Good luck and God Bless,

Jack Wallner

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