Each day I post it gets a bit harder to write a blog post. I still enjoy writing and plan on continuing this until the end of break.

There’s no real reason for me writing these blog posts, other than I think that it might provide some escape for someone stuck in the monotany of life. I used to write everyday and just save them on my computer, but I figure I might as well just post them on my website because that’s what websites are for.

I remember last year being stuck in the grind. Doing the same thing over and over again and feel like I was getting no where other than progressing in the school quarter. Then this past quarter I broke the grind, which was really helpful in me realizing what I was capable of.

Net Neutrality was killed recently. We live in a world where there is blatant corruption from the top of our government. The only way that we can combat that now is to continue to express our freedom of speech regardless of what people will say/think. I think a corrupt government unifies people in some way because they don’t know what they want, but they don’t want THAT.

Often times we let people put limits upon us for no real reason. It’s important to wake up everyday and realize we are in complete control of our actions for the day. It’s still important to hold yourself accountable, but you can’t expect perfection from yourself because no one will ever be perfect.

Each day provides new unique challenges that are fun to conquer if you “gamify” your life and have a mindset on life that fits what you’re interested in. What I mean by that is that if you have a favorite video game, imagine yourself as a character in the “video game of life” and see how much you can get done in the day.

The days that I want to really leave an impact on and have a lot to do, I’ll create a Snapchat “story” for the day. A lot of the times we feel as though we have to share our accomplishments so that people know that they happened, which is absurd. You have to be happy for your own accomplishments on their own.

Good luck and God bless,

Jack Wallner

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